Storage & Moving in Mississauga

We Make It Look Easy


As part of our customer focused approach, we provide two options for temporary storage

Metropolitan Movers Storage: your belongings will be stored in one of our secured, temperature controlled storage facilities. This option does not allow you to access your belongings, nor partially retrieve them. Your belongings will be moved as a single unit to their final destination when you are ready

Third Party Storage: your belongings will be stored in one of our partnered self-storage facilities. This option allows you to access your belongings at any time.

Our representatives will inform you of the prices of these options in the areas most comfortable for you, and help you decide on the most fitting choice for your needs.

Mississauga Storage Solutions

If you looking for moving and storage in Mississauga if you are hopping from one apartment to the next or just moving into new house. Many people find that they have winter or summer sports gear like skis, hockey gear, or kayaks that cannot fit easily into an apartment. Consider short term storage in Mississauga for your long and short term needs. Since you can renew your short term storage, it is a great long term option also if you don’t want to commit to a longer lease. Metropolitan Movers Mississauga will move your belongings to a secure storage facility.

How To Declutter Your House When Moving

With the spectacular lake and aquatic sports in Mississauga, as well as winter hockey, many people find that they just have too much sports gear to fit in their house year round. Don’t make yourself rummage through a closet every time you want to find your coat. Take advantage of our short term storage in Mississauga before your sports gear takes over your living room. We can help make your seasonal transitions easier, whether you are moving or just adding to your household with our moving and storage in Mississauga.

Moving to a new house or apartment is a great opportunity to move some of your unused items to a storage facility. We will help you choose the right storage for you. From a private locker with outdoor access to a high end executive storage facility.