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Virtually every day, someone contemplates a relocation to (or from) Mississauga, Ontario. When you decide to research long distance moving companies serving this popular Canadian community, we hope you’ll call Metropolitan Movers Mississauga. We offer experienced long distance relocation services for households and businesses. Our proven success as long distance movers in Mississauga offer our customers some important advantages. Benefit from our extensive experience and our personal familiarity with this lovely region of Canada as you plan a pending relocation.

Typical Long Distance Moving Rates in Mississauga

Many customers searching for long distance movers in Mississauga begin their search efforts by carefully researching long distance moving rates and charges. We think the affordable price structure offered by Metropolitan Movers Mississauga will please you! Currently most moving companies classify relocations of over 150 kilometers as “long distance” moves. They typically charge between $500 and $700 for the first 500 pounds of freight, and between $400 and $600 for each subsequent increment of 500 pounds. Additional charges apply for services such as weighing a customer’s shipment using scales, performing packing, and moving specialty items such as appliances and pianos. The total bill depends upon both the quantity of a freight shipment and the relocation distance. Thus a move from Calgary to Edmonton usually costs considerably less than one from Calgary to Charlestown, for instance.

A Top Tier Ontario Long Distance Moving Company

Metropolitan Movers Mississauga deserves your consideration as one of the leading long distance movers in Mississauga. When you choose us as your long distance movers, you’ll have the option of using as many of our moving services as you require. Do you need assistance packing to prepare your household for a pending relocation before the arrival of a deadline? Ask us to help pack all (or a portion) of your moving boxes. We also help customers establish themselves in a new location more quickly by furnishing moving box placement services upon request. Simply ask us to carry boxes to the rooms you designate during the process of unloading the moving truck. This convenient service helps many families settle into new premises faster (and with a minimum of delay) following a long distance relocation.

Select Metropolitan Movers Mississauga

Our company has invested in excellent freight transportation assets. From modern, well-maintained moving trucks to state-of-the-art equipment, these resources enable us to help ease the burden of long distance relocations for customers. Whether you plan to move into the exciting Greater Mississauga Area, or you anticipate a move from Mississauga to another major Canadian city, we hope you’ll make your first call to us when you research long distance moving companies. Both our highly competitive price structure and our superb customer service have allowed us to develop a record of success. Our team of long distance movers in Mississauga looks forward to assisting you!

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