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Specialty Hauling in Mississauga, ON

Heavy hauls and specialty moving projects are not practiced in the day-to-day operation for most local moving companies in Mississauga. A moving company can provide a great residential moving services and at the same time be inexperienced with heavy hauls.

Tips on choosing a heavy haul provider:

  • Special care items: Technical knowledge is required to move specialty items such as: Vending Machines, Safes, Boilers, Furnaces, ATMs, Arcade Machines, and Engines etc. Choosing the right vendor for the job will decrease the chance of damage to these high value items. Metropolitan Movers’ specialists are trained to handle all your heavy items.
  • Equipment: Moving special care items often require specific equipment that is tailored to the item in order to minimize damage. Metropolitan Movers’ services are complete with all the latest moving equipment: Stair Climbing Dollies, Piano Dollies, Appliance Trucks, Two Part Dollies, Lifts, Pump Trucks and many more.
  • Stairs: Some heavy items need to be hauled up/down the stairs or on/off a van. Improper use of equipment or technique can cause damage, injury or even death. Make sure to put your equipment in the right hands.

Our experienced movers will offer you the most efficient solutions for your project. Our equipment, skill, and experienced man-power will guarantee the safety of your items.

Call our experts to learn more about how to do it right.

We Offer:

  • Professional Crew
  • Straight Forward Approach
  • Affordable Prices
  • Availability
  • The Latest Equipment


  • The movers did a great job!

    He woman I spoke with on the telephone is a very nice and helpful. She discussed everything and Metropolitan Movers did what she's said. The price was pretty much close with what she quoted (no hidden charges on my total) and the movers did a great job!
    - Yuvan, Mississauga
  • Movers were extremely powerful in lifting heavy things!

    Movers were extremely powerful in lifting heavy things! I admire those muscles as I am doing regular workouts too. I have moved many times and have never had such good moving when it comes to my gym equipments. More strength and more power Metropolitan Movers!
    - Hasan, Mississauga
  • Thank you so much!

    When my furniture was unloaded from the truck, nothing was scratched and damaged which I am very thankful for. The 2 movers (who are quiet while working but nice) did a very impressive job. Thank you so much!
    - vicky, Mississauga
  • Job was very professional and service was great!

    Was quoted a very fair price for a 2-3 hour morning job, movers immediately worked when they arrive and it was finished within the quoted time. I tried offering them a cup of coffee but they said they still have other move to do. What a very hardworking people. Job was very professional and service was great!
    - James, Mississauga


Client: This is Spencer Tapley here. I am here with Ali from Metropolitan Movers and I wanna say--What an awesome job that Ali and Alex and Andrew did for me, packing and moving yesterday and today. And, Lorena and the office is magnificent. If you guys need to move, you need to call Metropolitan Movers. Great rates, great deals, great people. Thank you
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